Tsukuru custom winsock for windows 8

Here's the compatible version of custom winsock dynamic link library for 6.2 which comes with windows 8. For those who are having problems on windows 8, simply replace ws2_32.dll with this one.


Tsukuru first public beta release

Tsukuru is an advanced macro tool for Ragnarok Online that you can interfere any incoming and outgoing packets, edit them or even block them via internal scripting. Check wiki page to find more information. And check Tsukuru page to download most recent version.


Aion item patcher

Here's a 'not that useful' Aion tool. So what does it do;

- Repacking files in .pak (aion data file format)
- Finding client_items.xml in it
- Modifying it in memory depending on input files (a few examples come with archive)
- Saving modified file

Compiled executable and source codes.

A hint: If you run it in aion item folder it'll directly patch new file for trading dark poeta items (will not work on server sided checking) without needing console parameters.

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Calculating string expressions

This is a small code i created for Otaku+ calculating basic operators including parentheses. It's converting string values into infix queue then postfix queue and stacking operators during this action.